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Application:xgj Wood MDF Acrylic Rubber Leather Cloth
Working Area: 600*900mm / Laser Power: 60w~180w

Features of Laser cutting machine TPJ9013:

1) Mianly metal-Stainless steel,carbon steel and non-metal-acrylic,wood,mdf,plastic board, etc.

2) High precision and Good stability: With precision belt transmission mechanism and optimized the ncsystem control, it can meet the precision parts processing,stable dynamic performance, also can work forlong hours.

3)The cutting section with good quality: Mechanical follow-up cutting head system, cutting head always follows the material to keep the cutting point location unchanged, which insures smooth cutting sectionwithout processing again. It can adapt to flat or curved surface sheet cutting.

Applicable Industries of Laser cutting machine TPJ9013:

1) Advertising industry:
Large blister word cutting, organic glass engraving and cutting,engraving of double color board,scutcheon, crystal cup, authorize brand etc.

2) Leather and clothing industry:
Complex text and graphic engraving on leather,synthetic leather,leatheroid, cloth, fur and leather. Craft processing like cutting,carving patterns or designs on woodwork,hollowing out.Cutting of clothes,bags, underware, home decoration,gloves,hats,toys and other industries.

3) Art & Craft industry:
Engraving on marble, bone, bamboo craft, leather, shell, ivory and so on.

4) Model industry:
Cutting on architectural model, aviation and navigation model, and wooden toys.

5) Packing and printing industry:
Engraving and cutting of printing rubber plate, and cutting of sandwich plate and die board cutting.

Applicable Materials of Laser cutting machine TPJ9013:

Co2 laser machine main processing stainless steel, Carbon steel ,Galvanized sheet, Acrylic, Double-color sheet, MDF, non-metal materials like leather, cloth, rubber, wooden boards, bamboo products, organic glass, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, etc.

Technical Parameters of Laser cutting Machine TPJ9013:

Model TPJ9013
Working area 900*1300mm
Laser tuber watts Reci 150-300w
Control system RD control system
Auto focus system RD auto following and focus system
Cutting speed 1-50mm/s
Engraving speed 1-500mm/s
Motion driver system High-speed stepper motors
Resolution 4500dpi
Cooling mode Water cooling
Position way Red light positioning
Locating precision ≤0.01mm
Table Knife strip/Honey comb worktable
Compatible software Coreldraw, Autocad, Photoshop, etc.
Print interface Ethernet or USB interface. Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP. etc.
Graphic format BMP, PLT, DST, AL, DXF
Electrical requirements AC110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ

Parts of Laser cutting Machine TPJ9013:

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